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About the designer

The Year 1992 In PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Tyrice Rashad was. All his life he hid his humbled origins of a being a leo. He decided to invent his own life. He was born to a traveling professor and certified nurse. This household would breed Tyrice's aesthetic world for educating and being humanitarian.  

Tyrice first feel in love with design when he attended North Carolina Central University in 2010. His second solo fashion show he got awarded most creative which really sparked the idea that he could design. In 2014 he graduated in FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES WITH A CONCENTRATION IN APPAREL DESIGN. Still young and 21, shortly after graduation he decides to start his masters at Academy of Art University studying Fashion Design. 

He moves to San Francisco Fall of 2014 to attend AAU graduate program. After just 3 semesters he makes a radical decision to drop-out and start his own label entitled Free™. The name got inspired by his rebellious attitude toward the fashion industry and the new profound lifestyle of the San Franciscans. Tyrice Rashad fell in love with the city of san francisco when he went for the first time, a voyage made in attempt to ease the pain of his lover, to living the American Dream.  

From the first collection on, music, art, cinema images and words have a substantial role in describing the kind of world Tyrice wants to project. Free displays moods and statements about individuality and independence.

Equality is important in Tyrice Rashad's approach and his long-lasting  journey for innovation. The designs are always looking for the now and tomorrow, even if they are inspired by historical or classical references.